The Power of Examples

The human life is basically characterized by examples that has evolved through time and generations.

As it is believed, that there is no new thing that hasn’t been known before now but what we have now are just the advancements of the old.

Naturally, humans learn by copying and imitating and in that regard fall on noticeable examples which are mostly referred to now as mentors or influencers. This mode of learning though ages old still forms the bedrock of our several ingenuities.

This evolvement of examples saw our generations transform or transcend from the stone age to the information age we currently have.

This write up is to highlight the importance of learning by examples and not carving our own paths which are not connected to any noticeable examples therefore leading to our early doom.

I wish to use this medium to appeal to all success hopefuls in society to try to be a “beacon of not only hope but example because in the examples you have the hope of possibility”.

Thank you for reading and I pray you pick a cue from this write up….God bless you.

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