Be Mindful of the Fear you Entertain in Life.

I know fear has been preached to retard progressive actions, goals and ambitions but I don’t think one has taken a careful look at the fear that promotes and progresses goals and ambitions.

Severally, people get inspired to fight or work towards a course, goal or ambition. Certainly after all is said and done with individuals achieving thier goals, they are drawn to sounding high the trumpet of thier inspiration but not the fear that propel them to achieving the goal.

The positive fear comes in when individuals are pursuing the task of their goal or ambition and reaches that point of relent, tiredness,frustration and even on the brink of giving up and look back to think of the cost of giving up and not completing and there, the real push or drive comes in.

To my success focused individuals, I say be mindful of the fear you entertain in your life because you need fear to succeed just as fear can make you not attempt your goal or ambition.

Thank you for reading and Happy Father’s Day to great fathers out there.

3 thoughts on “Be Mindful of the Fear you Entertain in Life.

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