Create yourself

No individual is born a fool, stupid, rich, lazy, arrogant, poor,intelligent, smart, superior or inferior.

There are times people say some others were born with silver spoons in their mouth but the rare truth is that individuals create themselves.

The fact that you are born in rich home doesn’t guarantee you an affluent future. Each and everyone born in a rich home who end up rich also contribute their quota to the wealth of the family.

My mother always tell me money is a stranger, it visits you today and visit someone else tomorrow. If my mother was really telling me the truth then I guess money is worked for in order to retain it.

I have grown to notice that responsible children of wealthy homes end up wealthy but not for the fact that they were born in the family but thier attitude of responsibility, accountability, financial discipline, humility and determination is what helps them to retain thier wealth.

No matter what stage you are in life you can start to create yourself and you would be smiling to your dream future because your input today determines your output tomorrow.

Thank you for reading…..have a good day.

5 thoughts on “Create yourself

  1. Adaletey, your post is really good and i enjoyed reading it :). What was your inspiration for this blog??


    1. I notice people have different perceptions about success and wealth…. I just posted to address that issue and clear doubt off poeples mind that everything under the earth is been worked for
      Thanks anyway for your interest am really happy

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